Spirit Motors nahka Unisex ruskea


  • connects most of the (motorcycle) jeans with a motorcycle jacket
  • easy to use
  • usable with belts up to 4.5 cm wide
  • Width / height: 20.8 x 7.5 cm


SPIRIT MOTORS Belt-Adapter 1.0

You want to match your motorcycle jacket with a pair of jeans from this or another brand? No problem!

Thanks to the Belt-Adapters you don´t need to worry anymore. With this you can match most of the (motorcycle) jeans with a motorcyle jacket of FLM, SPIRIT MOTORS, REUSCH, DXR or other brands with a short connecting zipper.

This adapter is simply attached to your jeans of choice with a belt, and the short ziplock can be used to attach it to your motorcycle jacket. With this method, you can prevent a shift of your jacket during an accident or unpleasant wind circulation under it.


100 % cowhide