Safe Max plastic Unisex keltainen


  • type-approved as per EN 1621-2, protection class 2
  • 4-ply layer construction
  • perforated, breathable, extremely lightweight and flexible
  • provides the highest standard of protection
  • extremely comfortable to wear
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Safe-Max® RP-2001 back protector insert, 4-ply, protection class 2

The latest generation of SAFE-MAX® back protectors exclusively from POLO. For use in the corresponding protector pockets of POLO biker clothing. Thanks to its low weight, numerous ventilation holes and high flexibility, the RP-2001 back protector offers above-average wearer comfort.

Comfort & features:

  • 4-ply layer construction
  • total material strength: 19 to 24 cm
  • perforated, breathable, extremely lightweight and flexible
  • complies with protection level 2 (level 2 = residual energy less than 9 kN)
  • compatible with all sizes of protectors thanks to the vertically aligned Velcro strips in the lower part of the protector compartments


  • S      approx. 23.0 cm x 36.5 cm
  • M     approx. 26.5 cm x 41.5 cm
  • L      approx. 30.0 cm x 46.5 cm



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