QBag PVC Unisex keltainen


  • roll closure: totally waterproof
  • padded shoulder straps and back section
  • hip and chest straps
  • 2 mesh patch pockets
  • approx. 40 litres of storage
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No more wet luggage, flapping rucksacks and zips that open while you’re riding!

Totally waterproof thanks to the roll closure and the sturdy material – a combination that has proved its worth over years.
The large, approx. 40-litre, interior compartment provides plenty of room to stow away your belongings.
Sits comfortably thanks to the padded shoulder straps and the padded back section.The abdominal and breast belts ensure added stability, even when you’re on the motorway.
2 side-mounted mesh compartments provide additional storage space.
Sleeping bags (or similar) can also be lashed onto the rucksack.


  •  waterproof 
  • abdominal and chest belts
  • 2 mesh compartments
  • padded shoulder strap
  • padded back element
  • patch pocket with zip

Storage capacity: approx. 40 litres

Material: PVC/mesh

The high quality has been backed up by numerous independent test reports in specialist journals over the last few years.