QBag polyester Unisex oranssi

  • universal fit for almost all motorcycles, scooters, quads
  • huge main compartment with a transverse waterproff zipper
  • additional, externally accessible pockets for items you want to reach quickly
  • robust bottom for a stable stand of the bag
  • up to 80 litres storage room (compressible)

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QBag Rear bag/ luggage roll waterproof 11

Eye-catching waterproof rear bag made of robust material with a wide range of applications, even off the bike.


  • universal fit for almost all motorcycles, scooters, quads
  • the huge main compartment is closed by a transverse waterproff zipper
  • in the main compartment there are two mesh compartments for the storage of small parts which can then be found quickly
  • additional, externally accessible pockets for items you want to reach quickly (sunglasses, camera, gloves etc.)
  • reflective elements provide  better visibility even in low light 
  • the robust bottom ensures a stable stand of the bag 
  • foldable carrying strap with padded handle over the bag 
  • including clickable shoulder strap
  • two straps running trnasversely to the bag are fastened on one side with double-D fasteners and on the other side with click fasteners
  • these can be used to compress the bag in heights when it is not  fully loaded
  • they also allow the bag to be transported off the vehicle as backpackk 
  • for some models  they can also be use for mounting
  • otherwise, it is fastened usng tensions belts or tensioning rubbers which are required separaetely (see below) 
  • also perfectly suited for other applications where a waterproof bag is useful (on boats, long distance travels etc.)
  • made of 1680D polyester wiht 500D tarpaulin and PVC floor 

Dimensions (approx.):
up to 80 litres storage room (compressible)
WARNING: these are not static dimensions – the values can change due to the loading and the flexibility of the material!
Lenght x Width x Height outside: 39 x 60 x 34 cm
Lenght x Width x Height inside: 38,5 x 59 x 30 cm
Width x Height mesh pocket large inside: 22 x 13 cmWidth x Height outer pocket inside: 34 x 13 cm
maximum length x Width with/ without padding  shoulder strap: 115 x 3,8 cm
maximum length x width compression/backpack/mounting strap: 95 x 2,5 cm
Weight: 1070 g


  • Fuse lock for securing the bag to the motorcycle (order no. 70250500000 or 70250500001)
  • Varnish protection film (order no. 60470101590 or 60470101790) can additionally protect sensitive parts even with coarse dirt
  • With this cable adapter you can route power from an onboard power socket into the bag through the zips (order no. 50220000460, 60130000700)
  • with the pair of luggage loops the bags can be attached to the license plate screw (order no. 70320000000
  • with the universal pair of retaining lugs with quick- release fasteners, fixing points can be created where there are non (order no. 70320000240)
  • With the set of 4 double- D belts (order no. 70230300045), the bag can usually be securely fastened.
  • For attaching the bag, tension belts with brakes (e.g. order no. 70320000040, 70320000050) and tension rubbers in the various forms (e.g. order no. 70320000180, 70320000181, 70320000020, 7032000000270, 70320000030, 7032000000031, 70320000070, 70320000080, 70320000090, 7032000000100100) can be employed

rear bags do not have to be approved, therefore don’t require test marks, certificates or ABE´s.

Price per item


Universal mounting:

  • Place the bag on the bench or carrier as desired 
  • Always keep a distance of at least 5 cm to the exhaust and its exhaust gas flow – this applies to the bag as well as to the fastening straps, for example;  
  • select the desired fastening straps or tensioning rubbers if necessary (not included)
  • sNow look for the suitable fastening points on the vehicle (e.g. frame tubes, footrest holders, license plate holders, indicator holders (if these are stable enough), handles or the luggage/case holder) for your selected tensioning rubbers and belts.
  • select them so that neither your freedom of movement is restricted nor any non-loadable parts (e.g. rear fairing) are exposed to too much strain
  • depending on the load, it may make sense to tension the straps and rubbers on each side from front to back around the bag or to lay them diagonally (e.g. from front left to rear right).
  • 4 loadable fastening points are optimal
  • If this is not possible at the back, you can also connect the tensioning rubbers and belts and thus create a continuous belt from right to left – this is then usually installed between the number plate and its holder or the splash guard.
  • It is also possible to screw optional holders (7032000000000) towards the rear wheel to the number plate mounting (please not on the visible side of the number plate as shown in the picture for illustration as otherwise it would be covered) – this results in two perfectly suitable lashing points.
  • When using tension straps, tighten the straps only so that the pocket holds the position and can no longer slip too far
  • check the desired position of the pocket again and correct if necessary
  • Only then, tighten all straps evenly so that the bag sits firmly and can no longer slip
  • Please secure the belt ends against fluttering
  • in general, please always carefully increase the speed on the first trips or with a new load first