QBag polyamide Unisex musta


  • suitable for almost all motorbikes
  • can be detached from the connecting strip individually
  • rain cover included
  • length x height x width: 39 x 26 x 20–30 cm each
  • 20–30 litres of storage capacity (adjustable width) on each side
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saddlebag set 01

The saddlebag classic.
A firm favourite of our range for many years – with small details constantly being improved to achieve optimal load capacity paired with high functionality as well as ease of use.

Thanks to its shape and adjustable width, suitable for use on almost all motorbikes.

The cross-connection is set to the width of the tail (freely adjustable between 28 and 45 cm) and simply placed under the pillion seat (if there are no components in the way).
If the bags are lashed at the front and back, they provide impressive stability without the need for extra brackets.

The bags can be removed from the cross-connection separately by means of the zips, so that the connection can be left on the bike.

High-quality zips secure the contents.

To increase the capacity, the bags can be extended using an all-round zip.
Capacity: 20 to 30 litres (each side)

Dimensions per bag: length x width x height = 39 x 26 x 20 to 30 cm

Including stable rain cover and lashing straps with click fastening.

We recommend the use of protective film (60470101590).
If saddlebag brackets are available for your specific model, these will provide additional stability.