Hashiru Unisex musta


  • distributes pressure more evenly through the thick gel core
  • allows more relaxed sitting even after hours
  • brings more security because the concentration can be maintained over long distances
  • thick core of durable gel, which distributes the body weight evenly
  • the surface of the seat cushion is waterproof and does not absorb itself fully
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Hashiru Gel comfort seat cushion

On a long journey, does your butt or your passenger’s hurt? Do your thighs press against the seat edge until it tingles and they start to getnumb?BR>The comfort seat cushions considerably distribute the pressure more evenly thanks to the thick gel core; therefore, enabling a more relaxed sitting even after hours.
At the same time , it slightly increases the seat height, which makes the knee angle more comfortable.
This brings more security as your concentration does not diminish and makes it much more comfortable even on short-distance drives.


  • thick core of durable gel that distributes body weight evenly
  • sees to a more constant blood flow to fight numbness
  • less pressure points
  • vibration-reducing
  • the surface of the seat cushion is waterproof and does not soak up
  • an anti-slip mat is incorporated on the underside, which reliably holds the cushion in place  
  • the large version can be hooked into the edge of the bench through rubber bands with metal hooks on the right and left sides
  • in addition or as an alternative, a Velcro strap can be firmly guided around the bench; the large cushion can always be attached to and removed from the band in seconds
  • the large version is easily and quickly removable as needed (e.g., for athletes who could use a pillow for long journeys) 
  • the small version comes with straps at the front and back, placed around the seat; thus ,providing a precise positioning and a certain security against theft
  • it can naturally be used off the bike – makes, for example, for a nice seat in a stadium; softens a hard office chair, etc.

big length x width x height unloaded: 33 x 43 x 4 cm
big length rubber hooks (upper side bench until lower edge): 4-40 cm
big length maximal seat belt(scope): 112 cm
big weight: 1.420 g
small lengthx width x height unloaded: 43 x 21 x 3 cm
small length maximal seat belt (scope) front/back: 75/70 cm
small weight: 430 g

Seat cushions do not have to be approved; therefore, they do not require any test labels, certificates or ABEs.

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