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Hashiru oil temperature measuring stick

Checks the temperature in your motorcycle engine in the easiest way using this measuring stick.


  • The engine is only fully loadable with an oil temperature of approx. 80°C – only then does the engine oil reach its full lubricity
  • The measuring sticks are rubber mounted and vibration resistant
  • The display range of 20° to 140°C warns you of engine damage from overheating and simultaneously shows when your motorcycle is ”warmed up”
  • Replaces the oil filler cap
  • Also usable as a dipstick depending on the model
  • Installed quickly, no cables, no mounting mess 
  • Slow-acting, fluid-filled display needle
  • The dimensions for the article are thread x length in mm
  • Warning: Please compare the thread diameter, the thread pitch and the length of the dipstick with the original oil filler plug before installing the direct oil temperature meter.

Temperature measuring devices need no certification and therefore, no mark of conformity, certificate or type approval.

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