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Hashiru plug-in catalytic converter for system A1 03/04 type A1 piece

For compliance with emission levels or optionally used for environmental protection.


  • Precise fit catalytic converter for installation in the intermediate pipe (slip-on) of the silencer if necessary
  • For models which have been homologated to Euro 3, this is absolutely necessary in addition to the exhaust when the original catalytic converter is removed. The emission limits are otherwise most likely unachievable – here it is already supplied with the exhaust if necessary
  • For models which have been homologated to Euro 2, it can usually be used optionally when the original catalytic converter(s) are removed, but nevertheless the emission limits have been complied with – if necessary, refer to the model in the Bike DB
  • With models where the original catalytic converter has not been removed, or models that have absolutely no catalytic converter it is usually not suitable and it is usually not advisable to use this

Including separate certificate, but also allowed on the EC approval of the main silencer.

For our Swiss customers:
Please note that the Swiss highway code requires that a valid Certificate of Approval must subsequently be obtained through one of our Swiss shops.

Price per piece (for a silencer – please order 2x if required)