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Hashiru Exhaust Pipe ST05 oval

Oval end muffler made fully from stainless steel that features a high-quality laser-logo.
Generates a rich sound, which at the same time spares your environment.


  • rich sound
  • fully made from stainless steel
  • high-quality processing from a big European manufacturer looking back on decades of experience
  • purposefully kept small and light
  • the volume size of the end muffler ultimately depends upon the model and its respective requirements 
  • with riveted dB-killer
  • end muffler can be mounted by using a stainless steel clamp with a rubber bottom
  • also deliverable for many older models
  • comes with all mounting parts that serve the substitution of the original end muffler
  • depending on the model as a bolt-on to be screwed on the original manifold flange or as a slip-on with an intermediate pipe that fits the original manifold or the front silencer
  • for some models (versions 1in1, 2in1, 3in1 or 4in1) available as a complete system including manifold
  • regarding models where the original catalytic converter, that is important for registration, is removed, a new slide-in catalytic converter is available. This catalytic converter, which is to be slid into the intermediate pipe of the end muffler, is included in the delivery.

Measurements (approx.):
Height x width: 139 x 105 mm
height x width if small: 125 x 95 mm
length end muffler 50 cm
length outer sheath 40 cm
weight of the end muffler without intermediate pipe and assembly material: 2.7 kg
weight end muffler without intermediate pipe and assembly material if small: 2.2 kg

With an electronic operating license (only applicable if the dB-Killer is mounted and not modified!!).
The end muffler has an electronic certification mark and a registration number on the back.
That is why there are no more documents required; you do not need to carry any more documents along with you.
Regarding models that are delivered with a catalytic converter, it is mandatory for it to be used.

For our Swiss customers:
Please note that Swiss road legislation regulations are different from EU regulations. A declaration for the approval of the motorcycle inspection of Switzerland needs to be checked in the store/in the online shop before effecting an order. Technical items that were denied registration can not be returned.

Price per unit or, if indicated so, per pair for both vehicle sides