Hashiru stainless steel Unisex hopea


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Hashiru oval exhaust 03

Oval rear silencer with a great legal sound.


  • Rich sound without being loud
  • Entirely made from stainless steel
  • High quality finish
  • As small and as light as possible
  • Silencer mounting is done with a stainless steel clamp with rubber support
  • Top value for money
  • Also available for many older models
  • With all mounting parts to replace the original Silencer
  • Version S = slip-on with intermediate tube suitable for the original manifold or pre-silencer
  • Version B = bolt-on for screwing to the original manifold flange
  • Version S = slip-on with intermediate tube matching the original manifold and a complete manifold
  • Version 2in1, or 3in1 as complete system including manifolds
  • Version with cat = since the original catalytic converter is dispensed with including catalytic converter for insertion into the intermediate tube of the silencer
  • With removable dB-killer for racing purposes – without this riding on public roads is NOT allowed!!

Height x width small/big: 12.5 x 9.5 cm / 13.9 x 10.5 cm
Length of silencer 50 cm
Length of outer mantle 40 cm
Weight of silencer without intermediate tube and mounting material small/big: 2.2/2.7 kg

With EC approval (only valid if the dB-Killer is installed and not modified!!).
The tail pipe silencer requires an E-mark approval with a registration number behind it.
Therefore, no other documents are required beyond this. You need not carry registration documents.
For models supplied with the catalytic converter, this also must also be replaced.

For our Swiss customers:
Please note that the Swiss highway code requires that a valid Certificate of Approval must subsequently be obtained through one of our Swiss shops.

Price each or, when indicated, per pair for both sides of the bike.