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Hashiru Exhaust ST05 Round

Round rear silencer made entirely of stainless steel with high-quality lasered logo.
Generates a great powerful sound and yet tends to be less obtrusively loud for the surroundings.


  • saturated sound
  • made entirely of stainless steel
  • quality processing by a major European producer with decades of experience
  • made as small and light as possible
  • with riveted dB-killer
  • end damper fastening using a stainless steel clamp with rubber support
  • also available for many older models
  • with all fastening parts to replace the original end damper
  • depending on the model, either as bolt-on for screwing to the original manifold flange or as slip-on with intermediate pipe fitting the original manifold or front silencer
  • for some models (version 1in1, 2in1, 3in1 or 4in1) as a complete system including manifold
  • For models for which the original catalytic converter is not available due to replacement, a catalytic converter to be inserted into the intermediate pipe of the end damper is included in the delivery

Measurements (approx.):
Diameter: 105 mm
Length of end damper without/with inlet and outlet: 31/39 cm
Weight of end damper without intermediate pipe and mounting material: 1.7 Kg

With EC-BE (only applicable if the dB-Killer is mounted and not modified!).
The end damper has an E-test mark and an approval number in the back.
Therefore, you do not need any additional documents, so you do not have to carry along any documents.
The catalytic converter must also be used for models delivered with a catalytic converter.

For our Swiss customers:
Please take note that in Switzerland, the road traffic laws do not correspond to the EU. Before ordering, a clarification of release for the motorcycle vehicle control in Switzerland must be made in the store/online shop. Unfortunately, technical items that are rejected for registration can no longer be returned.

Price per unit or, if indicated so, per pair for both vehicle sides