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  • universal handlebar mirror that swivels at an angle to the mount
  • can be optimally placed to suit the model / driver
  • can also be folded inwards
  • depending on the application, the tension of the joint can be adjusted
  • Height x Width Overall: 195 x 245 mm (variable due to adjustment)
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Handlebar mirror 04 pivotable M10x1,25R

Universal handlebar mirror that swivels at an angle to the mount for all mounts with an M10 x 1.25 right-hand thread.


  • angle for attachment and thus adjustable in height – also foldable inwards.
  • the adjustment is made through a joint – the tension of the joint can be adjusted here.
  • depending on whether the mirror should only remain pivotable once, only for parking in narrow places, or even while driving.
  • this way, you can also find the position with the best view and/or the best rear view for each model.
  • lightweight plastic.
  • mirror casing can be rotated and adjusted to the arm through a ball joint.
  • can be mounted right and left.
  • suitable for almost all models with an M10x1.25 right-hand thread – this is, e.g., on both sides of most models of Ducati (up to year of construction 2002), Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki and Triumph as well as on the left handlebar side of Ducati (from year of construction 2003) and Yamaha.
  • other models and scooters require additional adapters – see below.

Dimensions (approx.):
Height x Width Overall: 195 x 245 mm (variable due to adjustment)
Height x Width x Depth Housing: 90 x 155 x 20 mm
Height x Width Glass: 83 x 148 mm
Height x Width Mirror arm: 12×13 mm to 28 x 18 mm
Length of thread: 15 mm
Wrench size counter nut: 14 mm
Weight: 230 g


  • suitable mirror adapter for M10x1.25 left-hand thread (on Ducati models from 2003 and Yamaha models on the right side of the handlebar): Order no. 50190001410, 50190003461 or 50190003460.
  • suitable mirror adapter for mounting with an M8 thread (on many scooters): Order no. 50190002310, 50190003440, 50190003450, 50190003390, 50190003400 or 50190010031.
  • suitable mirror adapter for Harley-Davidson models where the handlebar mirror is attached from below with a nut: Order no. 50190010051 or 50190010050.
  • suitable intermediate piece to be able to position the mirror higher: Order no.50190010040 or 50190003470.
  • suitable seats for models that do not yet have a mount on the handlebar: Order no. 50190001430, 50190001460, 50190001485, 50190001486, 50190003420, 50190010010, 50190010011, 50190010013, 50190100490 or 50190010070.

With E certification.
The mirror has E certification and requires no further papers.
Therefore, it can easily be installed according to the instructions – in the installation regulations, nothing else is to be considered

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