Hashiru plastic Unisex musta


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Hashiru LED Universal Indicator 31 Black

Attractive mini indicator equipped with LED technology.

Dimensions (approx.):

l x w x h: 53.9 x 20.6 x 19.5mm


  • Includes protection against voltage spikes in the on-board power supply (black block in the cables)


  • Universal fastening using M8 threaded rod (length 7 mm) with nut
  • LED technology
  • With E-approval.


  • PMMA lens (polymethyl methacrylate synthetic, transparent thermoplastic resin”)
  • ABS plastic housing

When using LED indicators on bikes that originally did not use LED indicators, it may be necessary to change the indicator relays and/or resistors in order to reduce the flashing frequency to an acceptable level.

For models where adjusting the flashing frequency using the resistors does not work, or if resistors are unsuitable due to a lack of space, we recommend using the flasher kit 50170003453.

Installation is also made easy thanks to the optional adapter that allows positioning in the original indicator holders and thanks to the adapter cable, which makes changing the original connections unnecessary.

Price per pair