Hashiru plastic Unisex carbon


  • rubber mount
  • length x width x depth: approx. 66 x 27 x 25 mm
  • arm length: approx. 18 mm
  • attached using an M 10 x 1.25 mm threaded bar including nut
  • E-marked
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Hashiru Speed II LED mini indicators, short

Elegant LED mini indicators (12 V/2 W) in a plastic casing with a rubber mount, with 14 LEDs.

Dimensions without thread:
Length x width x depth: approx. 66 x 27 x 25 mm
Stem length: approx. 18 mm

M10x1.25 threaded bar incl. nut.


Note: If LED indicators are used on vehicles that were not originally equipped with LED indicators, it may be necessary to replace the indicator relay and/or to use resistors to reduce the flash frequency to the permitted rate.

Price per unit.