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Harishu Grips 02 for 25.4 mm handlebar

Also known as Railroad” quality metal grips.


  • Vibration damping rubber lining
  • Beautifully machined metal casing
  • With closed ends
  • Chrome finish
  • Replaces the original rubber grips by simply swapping them out
  • Without throttle cables – the original rotary sleeve is reused – the handle with the larger inner diameter is for the throttle side
  • Suitable for almost all models with 25.4 mm (1 inch) handlebars

Dimensions (approx.):
Length: 15 cm
External diameter in grip area: 38 mm
Outside diameter inside: 46 mm
Outside diameter at end: 39 mm

Handlebar grips need no certification and therefore, no test marks, certificates or operating permits.

Price per pair