Hashiru aluminium Unisex musta


  • for handlebars with an inner diameter of 18 mm
  • aluminium inlaid with real carbon
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Hashiru Handlebar weights with real carbon

Universal handlebar pair with quality carbon inlay.


  • Reduces annoying, unpleasant vibrations in the handlebar ends
  • Elegant appearance thanks to carbon fibre exterior on the weight
  • simply screw into the open handlebar ends
  • Are supported by a reliable rubber clamp in the handlebar
  • Suitable for handlebars with 18 mm inside Ø (which is almost all handlebars with 22 mm external Ø of steel, and some 22 mm handlebars made of aluminium – for example, ABM and Hi-Q)
  • Included matching Allen key

Dimensions (approx.):
Ø x width from the handlebar: 27 x 36 mm
Width of carbon inlay: 17 mm
Weight each 54 grams

Handlebar ends need no certification and therefore, no test marks, certificates or bike approvals.

Price per pair