Hashiru aluminium Unisex mattamusta


  • 3 bright SMDs ensure good visibility
  • robust aluminium / zinc housing
  • attachment via M8x1,25 thread and nut
  • width without thread x hight x depth: 37 x 23 x 37 mm
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Hashiru LED Turn Signal Pair ST39 M8 Alu Ø23 mm

Universal direction indicators in a rugged metal case in a small bullet shape.


  • robust aluminium / zinc housing
  • attachment via M8x1,25 thread and nut
  • 3 bright SMDs
  • 12 volts, 2,7 watts

Dimensions (approx.):
width without thread x hight x depth: 37 x 23 x 37 mm
Ø glass: 18 mm
Ø foot: 14 mm
Ø glass: 18 mm
thread length:15 mm
cable length:40 cm
open cable blenders
weight: 36 g each

yellow = plus turn signal
black = mass

When using LED turn signals on vehicles that do not use LED indicators in the original, it may be necessary to replace the flasher relay and/or use resistors to set the flashing frequency to to reduce the permissible level.


  • If otherwise the legal distances can not be maintained or the license plate is simply in the way, additionally necessary suitable extensions for the turn signal arm can be used (Order No. 50170400860, 50170400870 or 50170400871)
  • For easier connection without changes to the original turn signal cables, there are corresponding adapter cables for many manufacturers / models (Order No. 50170003460 and following, as well as Order no. 50170502000 and following)
  • If mounting is to be done instead of the original turn signals, their mounting is usually too big – for many manufacturers/models there are matching adapter plates with which the mounting is then easily possible (order number 50170100000 and following)
  • also available as a version with integrated rear/brake lights (Order No. 50160301530)

Including E cerfiticates in the front and back
The turn lights have an E certificate and dont need any further documents.
They can immediately be built in according to the mounting.

For motorcycles with E-approval (from approx. Mid/end of the ’90s) the following applies:
Minimum distance indicator glass to indicator glass front/rear: 240/180 mm
Minimum distance indicator glass to headlight glass: 75 mm
Maximum distance rear turn signals to the far end of the tail: 300 mm
permissible mounting height: 350 to 1.200 mm
geometrical visibility to the inside/outside: 20/80 degrees
geometric visibility to the top and below: 15 degrees
permissible flashing frequency: 60 to 120 cycles per minute
For older models, for vehicles that have been put on the market individually or in non-EU countries, different dimensions may apply.