Hashiru aluminium Unisex


  • M10 x 1.25 right-hand thread for 22 mm handlebars
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Hashiru mirror holder M10x1,25R for 22mm handlebar

Allows the installation of handlebar mirrors on models where no other fixture is available.


  • for 22 handlebar or other pipes with 22 mm diameter
  • Suitable for all mirrors with 10×1.25 right-hand thread
  • Made of sturdy cast aluminium (similar to the original fixtures)
  • Also suitable for attaching satnav holders or the like which are intended for the original mirror mounts

Dimensions (approx.):
Width at handlebar clamp: 22 mm
Depth at clamp: 29 mm
Height at handlebar: 28 mm
Overall length: 60 mm
Weight: 40 grams

Mirror holders need no certification and, therefore, no test marks, certificates or operating permits.

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