FLM tekstiili Unisex musta


  • a design that suits every biker
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FLM balaclava 1.0

What can you do as an apprentice?
This has already been proven by the last POLO vintage. From a small idea grew one of the best-selling shirts in the entire POLO range.
Successes are great. Successes create ambition. Successes want to be repeated.
As you can see, this time there was no shirt, but a balaclava. Pricing, material selection, design, production – everything was developed by us as a team. In addition to functionality, the design was especially important to us. A design that suits every biker, no matter what he drives. Tire tracks fit there. A motorcyclist too. Both elements stand for their own way, the variety of tours that each of us has already driven, the wheelies on the highways and the race track best times.
We, the 1st year apprentices, are the pilots of our own project and enjoy the full confidence of our bosses. And let’s face it: the feeling of being able to contribute to the success of the company is really amazing.


  • 100% polyester