BikeCare Unisex


  • the special nozzle distributes the cleaner to your vehicle
  • expressly intended for viscous gel cleaners
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BIKECARE pressure pump atomizer, 1.5 L

Robust, long-lasting spray bottle.


  • with special nozzle which sprays according to shape of areas
  • long spraying time after easily attainable full pressure build-up
  • nozzle can be rotated for optimum adjustment to the object to be sprayed
  • activation button can be fixed for a long spraying phase
  • best suited for all BIKECARE cleaners – especially also designed for the use of gel cleaners


  • screw the black spray part completely from the bottle for filling
  • fill the spray agent up to the maximum mark at most (the spray insert also requires space)
  • screw black spray part back on
  • to adjust the spray nozzle at an angle, slightly loosen the outer black ring, turn the yellow nozzle as desired and then screw the black ring tight again.
  • move the pump piston up and down 15-20 times at the top to build up pressure in the bottle
  • to spray, press down the large button on the handle.
  • after use, let the pressure escape by pulling the red drain valve – never store the BIKECARE pressure pump atomizer under pressure.
  • empty the container and rinse with clear water
  • we recommend rinsing the nozzle with clear water after each application – the nozzle can be unscrewed from the reducing tube and also the reducing tube itself from the spray part.
  • NOTICE: Designed and tested specifically for use with BIKECARE products. Not suitable for solvent-containing or aggressive products, such as brake cleaner, benzine, acids, etc.

Dimensions (approx.):
volume for 1.5 L spray agent
diameter x height: 13 x 30 cm
length of nozzle to end of handle: 20 cm
weight: 360 g/l