• gel consistency: outstanding adhesion even on vertical surfaces
  • optimum effect for even more powerful yet gentle cleaning
  • biodegradable
  • spray bottle allows you to use the right amount for maximum effect
  • 3,000 ml refill pack also available: great value
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Bike Care Cleaner gel motorbike cleaner, spray can, 750 ml

Not only cleans intensively without rubbing, but is also biodegradable.

The gentle yet powerful recipe is not aggressive to paintwork and plastics and is very economical.

The practical spray nozzle enables the cleaner to be applied in the correct dose (depending on requirements as a precise jet or dispersed across a large area) enabling it to be used most effectively.

Due to its consistency, the gel cleaner even sticks perfectly to vertical places, where it can act optimally and clean even more powerfully and gently.

The bottle is designed for a long life.
Instead of disposing of it when it is empty, to avoid waste it should be refilled from the 3,000 ml saver pack available separately.

Price per unit.